Dr Debbie Pushor (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) talks about the great value that teachers can get from tapping into parents' knowledge.

How one teacher encouraged and supported parents at her school to become more involved in teaching their children to read. This is an inspiring story of overcoming low literacy amongst students and low confidence and engagement amongst parents. 

Read the case study on the Education Changemakers website. 



Assessment and reporting can cause stress and anxiety for students and parents (and teachers!). Here's how one teacher used new ideas and technology to engage parents in the assessment process.

Read the case study on the Education Changemakers website. 

How one teacher is working to overcome the barriers preventing parents from becoming partners in their child’s learning. 

Conversation Cards are taken home by the student and are designed to build parents’ confidence in supporting their child’s literacy and numeracy development through a series of simple activities listed on the card.

See the case study on the Education Changemakers website.


In 2017 Parents Victoria and DET facilitated “Community Conversation” sessions at several government schools in Victoria. These sessions were attended by family members of the host school and surrounding schools.

Key themes that emerged were:

  • Families are keen for schools to provide opportunity or invitation for families to engage. They said “schools have to keep asking and providing a range of opportunities – don’t give up”.
  • Families think it’s important that schools know their students well to get the maximum benefits from students.
  • Families want the opportunity to have meaningful discussion with teachers re their students – i.e. additional or different to parent teacher interviews. E.g. similar opportunity to the “community conversation” sessions.
  • Many families felt they would like a better understanding as to why things happen the way they do at schools – why students are taught what they are taught, why schools make the decisions they make. Families are keen to understand the ‘why’ and to learn about what their students learn!
  • Families feel they lack understanding of what are the school’s priorities.
  • Migrant families expressed a need / interest to understand the Australian or Victorian school system as they see this as important to being able to support their students / school.   For many, the Australian / Victorian education system is very different from their home countries and Family Engagement is a very different concept they were keen to embrace.


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