How to join Parents Victoria as a member club

Step 1: Get More Information

Contact our office. We will send you an information package, or arrange for a Parents Victoria representative to speak at your Parents Club meeting.

Step 2: Take a Vote

Your Parents Club will need to vote to become a Parents Victoria member.

Step 3: Join Up

Fill in a Membership form. There are print or online options.

Step 4: Reap the Benefits

  • A comprehensive Toolkit
  • A regular newsletter
  • Invitations to local activities
  • An invitation to the annual Parents Victoria conference
  • The support and advice of experienced parent advocates
  • Statewide, nationwide and international affiliations

What Is the Cost?

Joining Fee $38.50
Annual Membership fees:
Parent Clubs in a school
with enrolment of :
175 students or less $80
176+ students $135


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Membership of Parents Victoria should be a priority action

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