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ALL PARENTS are warmly invited to take part in the fourth annual online conference to be held by Parents Victoria.

The conference will be held non-stop on the internet during Education Week (Sunday 16th May to Saturday 22nd May). No special software is needed just an internet-connected computer and a browser. The online discussions are very easy to join in, and guidelines about how to participate will be provided.

The conference is proudly sponsored by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Join in for all days, just some days, or even a few hours, depending on your lifestyle and other commitments.

Register online at no cost

To participate you first need to register online. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

The conference will feature seven ‘live’ daily online discussions, each of them hosted, for several hours each day, by a member of Parents Victoria and/or experts in the topic e.g. DEECD, KGFYL.  Each 24-hour period will focus on a topic that is currently of concern or interest to parents. An online ‘resource bundle’ of information and opinions will also be provided as an optional extra to give you a kick-start on each day’s topic.

The conference will discuss the following topical issues:

  • May 16th  - Transition - What could be done to improve transition from one level of schooling to the next, i.e. kindergarten to primary, year 6 to secondary? Do you as a parent know how you can be involved at each level?
  • May 17th  - Bullying  & Discipline - Are we making any progress in successfully dealing with bullying in schools? In general, what are the most effective ways of achieving appropriate behaviour?
  • May 18th - Regeneration in Victorian Government Schools – A regeneration project is designed to enhance the education provision in a local area. It may mean the amalgamation of schools, the relocation of early childhood/community facilities on to one site or the transformation of curriculum programs and pathways. For many parents this has been an issue of great concern. Discuss with us your thoughts and experiences.
  • May 19th - Food & Schools – How do you feel about the timing of meal breaks? Is there a place for junk food in school canteens? What about party food, chocolate drives etc.
  • May 20th - Disability – Are schools supportive and inclusive of children with disabilities? What more could be done?
  • May 21st - School costs  - What do parents need to pay for?
  • May 22nd - Party safe - As a parent, do you know your responsibilities when hosting under-age parties? Do you have some good advice or warnings for other parents?

There will also be one continuous week-long online discussion - My School – What information do parents really want to know about their child’s school? This discussion will also have the option of starting new threads if you have an issue you would like to discuss.

Prizes for participation

Schools with the greatest number of individual participants will be in the running to win great prizes. To be eligible, participants must be correctly registered and leave at least one comment on the discussion boards.

An interactive whiteboard will be won by the Parents Victoria member school that has the greatest number of individual participants over the entire conference.

A complimentary year’s membership to Parents Victoria will be awarded to the eligible non-member school that has the greatest number of individual participants over the entire conference.

In addition, one of three netbooks will be won by:

  • the member school with the most correctly registered individual participants who comment on the week long question
  • the school with the most correctly registered individual participants who comment on the question re Bullying and Discipline
  • the member school with the most correctly registered individual participants who leave comments on the daily questions on either Sunday 16th May or Saturday 22nd  May.

*Member schools are defined as schools whose 2010 membership payment has been received by 14th May 2010. Membership information can be obtained by contacting our office. Schools are only eligible to win one prize. In the event that a school wins more than one category, the prize in subsequent categories will go to the school with the next highest number of eligible participants.

The Parents Victoria Online Conference 2010 website will open from 6am on 16 May at  We look forward to meeting with you online to discuss issues of importance for your children. The more of you who join in, the more successful this e-vent will be.

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