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The Age - 1 October, 2018.  Parents Victoria is a signatory to the letter.


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The following article was written by Kylie Fennessy. a parent at Sandringham College and committee member of Community Action for Sandringham College. It was written after she attended the Education State in Schools Forum in early August 2018. The article represents Kylie's views, not necessarily those of Parents Victoria. 

Education State

The Education State is a suite of policies put in place by the Victorian State Government in order to provide excellence in education and reduce the impact of disadvantage. I know this, because I was asked to represent Parents Victoria in a recent forum which sought to investigate how the policies were tracking. Having only ever seen the Education State written on number plates, I googled it. I found that the list of policies were admirable aims; excellence in teaching and learning, increased student resilience, school pride and retention and equity of access. Still, I could not see how this was impacting my experience of the education system. I thought, perhaps being the parent of just one child, I don’t have the breadth of experience.

A few highlights from our 2018 conference. 

Parents Victoria is a proud partner of the Stronger Schools Campaign.  We've joined a broad coalition of educational, community and social justice organisations (auspiced by VCOSS) that wants to help make the Victorian education system stronger, more supportive and more inclusive for all students.  

This article was written for us by Paul Brophy, a dad from Croydon Hills Primary School.

The Fathering Project is a not for profit organization and was founded by Professor Bruce Robinson in WA.

Colin West who runs the Fathering project in Victoria is trying to roll out this Project in all Schools, Clubs, Sporting groups etc.

The idea of the Champion Dads Group (CDG) is to help Dads become better role models in the family and form a stronger lasting bond with their children. I know my relationship with my daughter has been so much stronger since I got involved with the program.

I was passionate about heading this up, as I know Dads who have separated from the family and not actively involved in their kids lives. I’ve seen the disappointment on some kids faces when their dad doesn’t show up when he says he will, fobs the kids off to someone else for a play or is just there in the background and not interested in his kids life.

If this program helps one dad to become closer to his children and is a better dad because of it, it’s all worth it.

The idea of the group to hold at least two Father/Child events and two Dads only events per year. This gives the Dads a chance to get to know the other Dads in the school community who otherwise would not take the chance to be involved, as women are much better at forming great support groups in the school than dads are.

I have made it a tradition to take my daughter to school for the first day of each year and have done so for the last 6 years. This instills great memories for my daughter and makes me proud to be a dad. Unfortunately, it’s the same story every year. I see all the women “reconnect” and catch up on what has been happening over the holidays etc, and the fathers are standing in the background looking awkward and not too sure what to do or say. Haha, it is funny to watch.


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