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Melbourne Pullman Hotel - June 6 - 8 , 2017


The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) and The Smith Family are proud to present the Parent Engagement Conference Australia, to be held on 6-8 June 2017 in Albert Park, Melbourne..

Supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, the conference will bring research, policy and practice together to advance discussion about the importance of parent engagement to maximise every child’s learning potential. A key focus will be on ways to increase the effectiveness of parent engagement strategies through relationships, and through capacity building.

"Families unable to afford state school fees have been publicly shamed and their children excluded from extracurricular activities, a report has revealed."

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy comments.  The Age, September 20 2016

Parents Victoria calls for the Education Minister James Merlino to keep the pressure on the Turnbull Government to provide the promised last years of Gonski Funding.

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It was great to have Professor Bill Lucas at Parents Victoria's conference this week.


Capable parents, capable teachers, capable children: rethinking the relationship between teachers and parents and the role of schools today

Bill Lucas, Keynote Speaker

 Professor Bill Lucas is an international adviser to the Mitchell Institute.  Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning (CRL) at the University of Winchester, Bill is internationally regarded for his expertise and research in rethinking the purposes of schooling, parental engagement and pedagogy.

Most recently Bill's research into the assessment of creativity in schools has led to the development of an acclaimed five-dimensional model and field trials of it in schools in England which was published by OECD as an influential Working Paper.  This work is now being used as the basis of an international scaling up prototype in eight countries including China, USA, England and Finland.

Bill has authored and co-authored over 40 books, and is known internationally as a speaker.  In addition to his work with CRL, Bill is the co-creator of one of the biggest teacher researcher groups in the world: the Expansive Education Network.

While CEO of the UK's Campaign for Learning, he created a number of initiatives to develop family learning and has subsequently brought together the research into parental engagement in "Engaging parents: why and how".  His recent book, written with Guy Claxton, "Educating Ruby: what our children really need to learn", asks challenging questions about the kinds of capabilities schools should be cultivating, suggesting new ways of working for teachers and parents.



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