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Youth Action and ARACY (Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth) have launched a national survey of Australian young people to highlight the importance of young people's issues at the upcoming Federal Election.


"Parents are sending their kids to school without an iPad or laptop, in protest at their school's digital device policies."

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy comments.  The Age, April 4, 2016.

Gail was also invited to make comment on 774 ABC Melbourne, this morning on Breakfast with Red Symons.  Read the story.


Parents Victoria's full comments as provided to the Age are:


"Parents Victoria (PV) claimed all Students have a right to an education regardless if they can or cannot afford a digital device.


PV want all students to get to school, be engaged and be equipped to learn on any given day regardless of their personal circumstance and we know schools want this too. 

When Government and/or Schools make promises or implement decisions on how they intend to deliver the curriculum they need to make considerations how this will impact on all those families currently enrolled.
For instance a single parent family of a Year 10 student may not sign up to a purchase of a new beaut $1500 laptop in year 10 when the students learning pathway will be elsewhere thereafter. 
important to note students do not differentiate between educational resources being essential or optional. For them it is as simple as their family/parent is able to afford it or not which equates to being the same or not to their peers in the same classroom.
ICT is one of the biggest increases to school costs in recent times and can pose a significant barrier to some families, families need options and support not more hurdles." 

"The number of primary-aged children being expelled has doubled in just two years as schools crack down on bad behaviour, exclusive new figures show."  Herald Sun, April 3, 2016  (If the article cannot be accessed via this link, a google search via the heading will locate it.)

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy comments in the article "the policies that schools had to follow for difficult behaviour was often at odds with the government's 'inclusion agenda' to keep young people engaged in education.   Parents Victoria questions the impacts of expulsion on a young person's life long learning.  Over many years we have seen evidence that suggests these punitive practices contribute to the disengagement of students in Victoria."

Parents Victoria provided the following "in full" comments to the Herald Sun:

"Parents Victoria Executive Officer Gail McHardy believed the Education State agenda was all about keeping young people engaged in education
and the Government had set system wide targets for our Victorian Government Schools to do their best to reduce the number of students who leave education between years 9 and 12.

The policy and process our School and Regional leaders have to apply and enforce are often at odds with the inclusion agenda in Parents Victoria's opinion.

School leaders are in the front line when managing students and their families when there has been a breach of conduct in a school, usually due to complex reasons with limited resources.

Parents Victoria questions the impacts of expulsion on a young person's life and attitude to learning (life long).  Over many years we have seen evidence that suggests these punitive practices contribute to the disengagement of students in Victoria.

We only hear about the statistics of who is expelled and suspended.  What about the students who are attending part time (for a range of reasons) and others who don't get re enrolled and are missing in action?

The rights of the child have to be at the centre of any disciplinary action, especially considering adults in today's society certainly get access to a fair process under our judicial system.

The root cause of the poor conduct has to be addressed and loads of prevention strategies to avoid suspensions and expulsions have to be done in the first place. This will in turn support students much more effectively and their families, as well the health and well-being of our educators and leaders faced with challenges in the classroom."


Parents Victoria (Executive Officer) Gail McHardy said federal funding earmarked for private schools should be redirected to the neediest public school students.  "The benefits in outcomes, academic, social and future prosperity for the whole nation would be mammoth", she said.  The Age, March 28, 2016

Parents Victoria brings to your attention, the opportunity to contribute your ideas and thoughts re the draft goals to help shape Victoria's 30-year infrastructure strategy.  Visit the Infrastructure Victoria website to :- complete a short survey, make a submission; or to register to stay up-to-date.


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