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On this day, 26th November, 1925, our organisation was born. For 90 years now we have been the peak body representing the parents of children in Victorian Government Schools. Our achievements are many, including influencing policy, advocating for students & their families, lobbying for change, & advancing the parent-school partnership agenda. And all this has been done at the State level by many amazing volunteers & a handful of paidstaff. We are rightly proud of our beginnings & where we are now. Most of all we are proud of our thousands & thousands of parent club volunteers who have always worked in the best interests of their schools' students, to help them achieve their academic goals.
Our birthday is a time to celebrate you! And to recognise the many wonderful parents who have paved the way for us.
Congratulations to us all!

This isn't the re-introduction of tech schools as we knew them in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

In Victoria, students will be able to supplement their studies and pick up STEM skills (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) at new tech schools.    The Age, November 24, 2015

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"Victorian Council of Social Service chief executive Emma King says too many children are missing out on the opportunities that school has to offer because their families cannot afford to pay for items suchy as uniforms, excursions or specialist materials for many arts and technical subjects".  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy comments in Leader Community Newspaper    Rising cost a growing issue .

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, comments.  The Age, October 6, 2015

Parents Victoria also posted to it's facebook page 7/10/15 - "it is disappointing to read the commentary with blame seemingly solely directed at parents when PV receives similar accusations against principals and schools, just as often.  PV can demonstrate willingness to work with others on this issue in advancing the agenda of parent school partnerships.  To date, these offers of collaboration have not been taken up by other stakeholders.  PV will continue to actively pursue solutions to work with others to ensure respectful, independent, realistic and fair outcomes are achieved for all in our public system.  We hope to see the appointment of an independent schools commissioner soon to facilitate faster outcomes, which will alleviate much of the stress currently caused to all parties."

School councillors can attend training offered statewide.  The training uses the Improving School Governance package and is at no cost to schools.

Schools or school councillors can contact the training providers to register interest in training.

Governance and president modules - Synergistiq - read more

Strategic planning and finance modules - NCS - read more

Further information can be viewed on the DET website page





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