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According to an article in today's Herald-Sun, "Victorian kids are set to receive the Covid-19 jab at schools across the state before the end of term four."

PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy is quoted in the article. 

Gail said some parents were keen to give priority to secondary school students, after all essential workers including teachers were vaccinated.

But she said the jury was out on vaccinating under 12s, as medical trials continued.

“Young people have been identified as potentially at greater risk from Delta variant than previous strains,” she said.

“It’s all a matter of who gets prioritised in the community. If Australia had enough appropriate vaccines for all, it wouldn't be the same issue.”

In other comments not quoted by the newspaper, Gail said, "PV can only hope Victorians will heed medical advice and act selflessly in order to protect everyone."


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