Parents Victoria and Gender Equity Victoria are calling for Victorian parents to be supported with a one-off home school allowance to offset the additional costs associated with educating kids in isolation during Term 2.

‘’This week, families across Victoria are supporting a transformative educational experience – the launching of statewide digital classrooms. We know that women are likely to shoulder the major burden of providing the care, educational support and supervision necessary to making learning from home a success” said Tanja Kovac, CEO of Gender Equity Victoria, ‘The medical, social and economic disaster of Covid19 is impacting on women in ways that exacerbate gender inequities.”

‘While Victorian families should be congratulated for embracing school at home during Term 2, there needs to be some recognition of the financial burden on parents through the provision of a home school allowance. This should be available to families setting up classrooms at home,” said Gail McHardy, Executive Officer of Parents Victoria.

Parents Victoria and Gender Equity Victoria welcome the State Government’s provision of laptops and other devices, as well as internet dongles, to disadvantaged families, but notes that the costs associated with home schooling are impacting all families. These costs include:

Additional costs are occurring while people are losing employment and facing economic and social hardship.

The call for a one off education allowance is part of a joint statement on Gender Equity and Covid19 which includes Ten Things Government’s Can Do Now.  The joint statement has been endorsed by over 80 organisations.

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