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The Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass, reported last week on nepotism in our Victorian Public Schools.

In short, her office’s investigations found that there have been several cases of nepotism over recent years, where Principals have employed or given contracts to family members, friends, or business associates, often without advertising the positions or obtaining quotes.

We cannot condone this behaviour, and don’t accept that “not knowing” that such actions are wrong and create a conflict of interest is an acceptable excuse.  However, we do agree with Ms Glass’s statement that,  “Mostly, the subjects of these allegations were well-intentioned, busy people trying to solve problems, who got it wrong.”

As in all communities, the vast majority of Principals are doing the right thing.  It is only a small number who are not.  Yet the media focus is always on these few.  It’s the same when parents are collectively described in the news as aggressive or bullying. 

At this time of additional pressure on everyone, we would like to focus on the great job being done by everyone in our public school communities.


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