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The Herald-Sun reported on Saturday about concerns of COVID-19 infections in Victorian schools. The article included a comment from PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy:

Parents Victoria on Friday backed schools, saying they were well prepared to deal with any outbreaks.

“The parent community will still have mixed reactions to this latest outbreak when anxiety and uncertainty continues as we head into colder weather,” boss Gail McHardy said.

Gail also made some further comments on behalf of PV which were not reported in the story:

"Both Federal and State CMO's are on record advising us to expect instances like this. The State Government/DET have put in protocols and processes for schools to enact when these situations occur.

It's tricky for families if there aren't any apparent symptoms and at this point we can't blame school environments as the cause when incubation is 14 days. If there is awareness to a family or community cluster then added precautions by us all MUST be taken as a matter of priority to protect others.

It's a Catch 22, do we stay in lockdown because of a few cases or go back as we have in stages and act with caution? Closing down one or two schools caused by an outbreak may only disrupt up to 2000 students compared to 630,000 government school students."

Read the Herald-Sun article. 



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