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The Herald-Sun reported today that, "An increased number of locked-down Melbourne students are attending school in person compared to the city’s first wave of coronavirus, despite current cases eclipsing those recorded in Term 2."

The article says that up to 5% of Prep-Year 10 students are attending school in person in Term 3, compared to only 3% in the Term 2 lockdown.

According to the article, "...the figures reflect students in Prep to Year 10 who are learning on-site at school because their parents cannot work from home, because they are vulnerable, or because they have a disability..."

PV comment

PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy is quoted in the article. Gail said this time around there were more children purely because of a change in guidelines.

“We are hearing schools have reflected and responded to the lessons learnt in round one so there is a level of more comfort,” she said.

She said families have to complete a DET onsite attendance request form and the school then approves or not.

“Schools are doing their best under the circumstances as they manage impacts on staff and students and accommodate as many as they can within the rules.

“Every household in Victoria is different, certainly there are going to be families doing it tough and without any more leave or struggling to work and learning support for children at home. However, there is more staff onsite this time round and other DET/school employees being deployed to assist where able. “

The full article is behind a paywall - you can read it if you have a Herald-Sun subscription. 


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