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Home Schooling


Having three kids at home for an extended period of time,

Heaven help for I have committed no crime.

It started off as unique, an adventure and fun

But lockdown 2.0 has been hard to get the schooling done.

You ask them once, you tell them twice. Now that’s it. It’s all on the line!

Do your school work and get it all In, or you are mine!


One would think, as parents, you could get the best out of your kids,

I put it to you, that this someone else’s job and I am taking bids.

All they have to do is show up online, and complete the tasks at hand.

Surely it is not that much of a demand!

But It was never going to be that simple. The arguments and distractions, they take away from all the fractions.

How hard can it be, schooling from home,

Well let me tell you, we should have all known.

We wouldn’t trade places with teachers, not for one minute

The patience of a parent, certainly comes with a limit.

We appreciate our teachers because we now know, teaching is tough

Parents and teaching, well, it is really rough.

Parents all over Victoia, we have been tested like never before.

We thought teaching was an easy score .

But we parents have come to agree, Teachers are the best – and now we all see!


We are beaten, We give up. We can’t do this anymore.

For goodness sake people, follow the rules.

We parents desperately need these kids back in schools!


This poem was written by a parent from Rowville Primary School.


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