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PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy has been interviewed by both the Herald-Sun and 3AW about the issue of this year's school reports. 

Herald-Sun report

The Herald-Sun reported that Victorian teachers have been advised by the Education Department that school reports must reflect the tough 2020 academic year.

The article refers to a 5-point scale that teachers will use to report progress in English and maths, and more flexible options for other subjects. 

Gail commented, "Due to the learning disruption some parents are questioning the value of the five-point scale representation on a student’s continuum of learning when there may have not been any progress due to pandemic impact.

“As schools have the flexibility with the report format, it’s essential the feedback is meaningful, easy to understand and accessible by digital or print.”

She said the department had emphasised that the three priority areas are mental health, transition and catch up for students.

“Relationships between home and school matter more now than student comparison data. Student needs and aspirations may have changed since the pandemic.”

She said some formerly shy and apprehensive students had flourished during remote learning while other confident kids had lost confidence.

“This is important to know for future success of our children. It’s also important for all adults to lead with care and a positive approach now, so as not to escalate unrealistic expectations that may lead to further worries and fear in students. “

The article is behind a paywall. You can read it if you have a Herald-Sun subscription. 

3AW interview

3AW's Tom Elliot interviewed Gail about the changes to school reports. Gail emphasised the importance of a 2-way conversation in the reporting process, and the value that the student and parent's perspective can bring to the reporting process. She also emphasised that while some students have thrived in the 'remote leearning' environment, it's been tough for many students, teachers and families and all should be congratulated for their efforts.


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