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The Herald-Sun published an article today about increasing use of the drug ketamine by Victorian school students. 

PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy is quoted in the article. 

Gail's commentary on this issue, as supplied to the Herald-Sun, is given here in full:

"Drugs, alcohol and vaping remain an issue for schools, students and their families.

"The Department gives clear policy advice to Victorian Government Schools on their expectations and obligations in regard to the whole school approach, education and harm minimisation but most importantly it's essential they work with parents and the wider community with their efforts in prevention or addressing spikes in school related use or incidents.

"The statistics reaffirm that the prevalence of incidents occur and rise from Year 8. The reports in the Primary school years, in our experience, can be a child accessing a substance without parent knowledge or approval (bringing it and showing it to another child at school). Yes, we all need to be extremely mindful of where we store our medications and how we role model to children and young people.

"Drug and alcohol education and use is a community problem. PV encourages governments to keep consulting with experts and young people on how we can do better in this area."


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