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An article published in the Herald-Sun yesterday focuses on Covid-19 outbreaks in schools. According to the article, "Unions, parents and educator lobby groups are united in calling for teachers to be vaccinated as a priority."

PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy was consulted by the Herald-Sun for the article.

Gail's comments, as supplied to the newspaper, are given here in full:

"Parents Victoria (PV) believes it's reasonable for teachers to be vaccinated and we are mindful of several recent outbreaks in Victorian schools impacting students and teachers. 

"The increased risk from the Delta variant only reinforces our original comment; it would increase families, students and teacher confidence if teachers were eligible to be vaccinated now.  

"PV has noted that the NSW Government has taken the decision for teachers to be eligible in the worst affected areas, this is a start.  PV believes the education workforce and communities would feel more confident knowing teachers were all able to be vaccinated considering they have from the outset  of the pandemic been deemed an essential service."


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