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ACSSO President, Peter Garrigan, comments on the 2013 school year start.   Welcome back - it's time to engage and act Media Release January 29, 2013

The Baillieu government has not issued any truancy fines to parents whose children missed school without a good excuse, despite last year announcing a crackdown on absenteeism.  The Flinders News January 17, 2013.   Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, comments.



A teacher at a leading Melbourne high school has reportedly quit her job after posting raunchy pictures of herself and making explicit sexual references on a public Twitter account.  Parents Victoria President, Sharron Healy, comments.  The Age,  December 16, 2012

The Age, December 5, 2012.


Parents Victoria's Executive Officer has spoken with Minister Hall and Minister Dixon's staff regarding this matter and the implications for families and schools.  We have also impressed upon the President of the Australian Education Union about the disruption and challenges these bans present to local communities and schools - and also how it impacts on relationships at the school level (parents, school councillors, school management, non AEU teachers).

*  We acknowledge that we have been contacted by parents, school councillors and principals (as DEECD employees) who are frustrated in the current environment - which is ongoing and prolonged.

*  We encourage schools to communicate with their communities and to state their position clearly to alleviate angst and anxiety within their community.  We are fully aware that parents would rather be informed than not, on issues which affect them and their children.

*  We suggest you visit the "keep the promise" website to keep up to date with information regarding bans, campaigns and general updates.  It includes information regarding rolling regional stoppages and opportunity to 'sign up and tell Ted to keep his promise'.

We were recently contacted by a Western Metropolitan Region Primary School in regards to letters that their School Council and community members have sent to Minister Hall and Minister Dixon (copies to local MP).  We provide these EBA sample letters to Ministers to you, as a proactive example of action this school has taken to express their dissatisfaction with what the Government is doing to resolve this matter quickly.

We encourage people to communicate their views, to articulate the impacts and to call on the Premier to resolve this matter ASAP.


Students will be asked to rate their teachers and the results will be used to push under-performing schools to lift their game.  The Age November 19, 2012  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy comments.

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, wrote to 3AW re Acacia College Closure.  "2012 has seen Public and Private schools to close by the end of this school year.  Question to Government:- What care is being taken to plan for these so called unexpected events / outcomes of 'unsustainable' schools?  Mernda is a huge growth area and our public school system is not being funded, promoted or infrastructure built to accommodate the current growing population rates in our local bursting suburbs.  Question: - Irrespective of who owns / manages a school it is evident from these closure announcements that the people who are enrolled and employed at them are not communicated to effectively - who is accountable for poor or mismanagement and who wears the cost as a result?  These questions need to be answered Mr Baillieu!"


Media requests are being received by Parents Victoria, about Teacher Industrial Action - for example, regarding the omission of  'comments' on Student Reports.  Some school communities are writing to the Premier, Minister for Education and local MP for both Government and the Australian Education Union to settle the industrial dispute immediately!
School communities are urging the State Government to take prompt action to resolve this problem with the State Education teachers, quickly - please put pen to paper, email or telephone your local media and radio stations too - raise your voice in the interests of Public Education.   We need to train, pay and retain our teachers in our system but at the same time make sure Governments and Unions act with sense and responsibility!


A tribunal has ruled that children who opt out of special religious instruction classes in state primary schools are not being discriminated against under the Equal Opportunity Act.  The Age October 19, 2012

Because our members instructed the Parents Victoria Executive to take up the Special Religious Instruction issue with the government, we are providing you with the opportunity to voice your opinion to The Age on the VCAT decision.

Teachers from about 120 state schools in Melbourne's eastern suburbs will walk off the job today in the first of a series of staggered half-day strikes across Victoria.  The Age October 16, 2012  Parents Victoria President, Sharron Healy, comments


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