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Victorian school principals fear that planned changes to the education system will burden them with administrative tasks.  Melbourne Weekly June 13, 2012  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy quoted.

Parents Victoria celebrates its 90th Birthday in 2015

A highlight of Parents Victoria's 2012 conference was the launch of our history book "Parents Victoria - Our Children, Our Concern" by the Honourable Joan Kirner, former Premier of Victoria and former President of Parents Victoria (then Victorian Federation of State School Parent Clubs)

See History Book Flyer (273.22 kB) for details - contact the PV office if you would like to purchase a copy

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer Gail McHardy attended the Victorian State Budget 2012-13 and comments:-

Capital Investment > the significant good news is that Ouyen P-12 are to receive $5m to do the primary school upgrade.  They will be happy as it shows that communities speaking up do have an impact.  A number of other capital projects as reported, but obviously not all schools waiting to hear outcomes will be happy, but congratulations to our rural and regional communities being heard!
School Start Bonus > will be removed from the beginning of 2013.                      Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) > school portion no longer paid to schools.  Eligible parents will receive parent portion (with an increase) but this results in overall saving to Government.  What will this mean for schools for the future - more pressure on parents to handover their payment to cover shortfall in school budget???
Well overdue investment in Child protection and budget papers do outline the need for schools to play a role in this too, so Parents Victoria will be watching this space.
VET > refocus on what areas of trade need more funding to meet industry demands, but how many places this equates to with providers and how much courses will cost to our youth / families, still to be investigated
ALERT > it appears from the Service Delivery Budget Paoer # 3 that funding to the non government school sector continues at the expense of the governement school sector so we will be having something to say about these figures!!!
Victorian Govt Media releases can be googled.

Share your budget reactions with Parents Victoria so we can continue to voice your views to the Victorian Government and to ask more questions!!!

For further comment contact: Gail McHardy 0413 589 627

Media releases for all budget announcements are accessible via the internet but budget papers can also be purchased

Sites to visit: 

Coalition Government continues major investment in school capital works across Victoria

Coalition boosts school language programs (pre-election commitment)

Coalition delivers $104 million for vital early childhood years (from Minister W Lovell)

Extra $1 billion for quality focused VET system (from Minister P Hall)

Key Reforms support Victoria's vulnerable children

Budget to increase access to mental health services

Funding for young Victorians to Engage, Involve, Create

Parents Victoria Executive Officer Gail McHardy, attended the Victorian State Budget 2012-13 lock up for Special Interest Groups on Tuesday May 1.

See full details in our article under 'News' for more details on items such as :- Capital Investment, School Start Bonus, Education Maintenance Allowance, VET and our alert that it appears from the Service Delivery Budget Paper #3 that funding to the non-government sector continues at the expense of the government school sector  - so we will be having something to say about these figures!

"Thousands of children are studying in buildings lined with asbestos, but the state government says it has no plans to remove the potentially toxic material from schools."  The Age April 29, 2012   Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, comments


Parents Victoria, said schools were already expected to do so many things.  "How could this not be viewed by the public as advocating responsible gambling?" executive officer Gail McHardy said.  Ms McHardy said there was a need to make sure health and financial literacy education did reflect current social issues but relevance of content, age appropriateness and consultation with school communities was essential."  WA Today  April 12, 2012


"The frustration is that many schools aren't forthcoming with this information because they don't want to raise anxiety.  But we have to learn from these statistics to make sure we're putting more pressure on the government to prevent them."  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy quoted.  The Age, April 10, 2012


The Minister for School Education invites parents to take part in this live Forum on Monday, April 2 - 6.30pm - 7.30pm in Canberra.  This event offers parents an opportunity to discuss key school reforms with Minister Garrett.

Live streamed via the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, parents are able to submit questions prior to the event for the Minister's consideration, or on the day of the event people participating online can submit questions via live chat facility.  

Victoria has stressed that any changes to school funding should be phased in over eight years to fulfil the federal government's promise that "no school lose a single dollar per student".  The Age, February 16, 2012

Victoria has accused the federal government of breaking its promise to consult the states and territories before the release of the first review of all school funding in 40 years.  The Age February 10, 2012



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