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Parents are being asked to pay hundreds of dollars each by hard-up schools.  With the Christmas holidays fast approaching and parents struggling to find the cash to pay for presents, state schools have sent out letters asking for 'voluntary' contributions of up to $1000.  Sunday Herald Sun, December 4, 2011  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, quoted.

The Baillieu Government will encourage state schools to adopt single-sex classes if a current trial lifts academic results.    Sunday Herald Sun, December 4, 2011  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy quoted.

Parents Victoria President, Sharron Healy, said many government schools had the "unethical" practice of charging parents for items already funded by the state.  Melbourne Weekly Port Phillip November 28, 2011

More children are being excluded from popular state schools as parents pay up to $200,000 extra to buy houses in enrolment zones.  Herald Sun November 26, 2011 Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy quoted. 

The Baillieu government is backing the campaign by private schools to maintain their share of federal funding, warning that any drop could push up fees and force thousands of families into public schools, costing the state millions of dollars.  The Age, Friday November 25  See Parents Victoria statement on our website home page

Parents Victoria is appalled by the State Government's response to the Gonski Federal Review of Funding.

It is the Government's responsibility to fund an excellent education for every child in this country and yet the Victorian Premier is supporting the continued over-funding of private schools by the Federal Government.

The continual cry by Premier Baillieu, expressed in the State's submission to the Gonski Review, "that any plans to cut private school funding in real terms could spark an influx of students into public education, creating a significant burden on taxpayers" is ridiculous.  And as it would be likely that the largest cuts would be to the elite private schools, some parents who withdraw their children from these establishments may enrol them in a "more affordable" independent school, and not the local public school.  Currently the Federal Government gives two-thirds of its education funding to private schools, despite the fact that only 30% of children are educated in the private school sector.  If the amount given to private schools is reduced, then that money would automatically be used as further funding for the public sector.  Therefore the "influx" of students to our public schools would realistically have little impact on the tax payer. 

Not that this is a valid point anyway; it is merely scaremongering. 

Particularly insulting is the quote from the submission "to catch up to the worlds top performers, the public investment (in private schooling) needs to be maintained - not reduced".  This statement reflects the view that only private school funding should be maintained whereas the public sector, which services the greater number of Australians, is a secondary consideration.  Many notable Australians have come from a public education, and many have made a valuable contribution to this country.  This statement implies that the majority of our country understand the importance of a Private Education and that the Victorian Government is representative of this stakeholder view.  We beg to differ.

On behalf of the parents of the students we represent in over 1,500 public schools, Parents Victoria calls on the Premier to act responsibly and withdraw the State Government's submission supporting private school funding at the current inflated value, and to support, through fairer funding, every child in Victoria, who deserves every opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their family's financial status.


To read more, sign an online petition, send a letter - visit the Public Schools for our future website

Comments from our Readers:

"How can we expect this Gonski review will be respectful to what the public have asked for when the State Government flaunts its uncompromising position?  Please Australia, let's just waste some more tax dollars asking the questions rather than looking at the results?  I am losing confidence in our government's real support of Public Education and our children ...  If this keeps up I don't see any supported future for my children's education unless I pay for it in Victoria ... is this what our Government really wants but is not telling us? "  Mother of two - Southern Metropolitan Region

"Our Premier and his government keep talking about closing the education gap and supporting Victorian families more but then publicly marginalise the poorer more?" Eastern Metro Family

"Thanks Premier, you don't believe Public School students are "potential Top High Performers" ? Father of three (top performers at public schools) Northern Suburbs



Albert Park College has defended its uniform costs, which are comparable to, and in some cases even more expensive than prestigious private school Melbourne Grammar.

Parents Victoria's President, Sharron Healy quoted.  Melbourne Weekly Port Phillip 21 November, 2011


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The biggest review of school funding in over 30 years finishes in December (Gonski Review)

Watch video - includes comment from Parents Victoria's President, Sharron Healy

("Our chance to have a say" 7 November 2011)

On Tuesday November 15 join parents, teachers and principals across Australia in sending a final message to the head of the review about the importance of investing more in our public schools

Send your message, sign a petition and find out more  

Also - November 14 @ 1.30pm offers an opportunity to chat online with Minister Garrett about schooling

Visit the DEEWR website for details


Students or parents involved in cyber bullying could be jailed for up to 10 years under a Baillieu government push to stamp it out.  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy comments.

The Age, August 23, 2011.


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