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On this page we feature media articles on educational issues.

The Age, June 10, 2013 (Article references Parents Victoria's petition to have SRI moved outside normal school hours)

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, has provided some answers to questions for media on this issue.


Parents Victoria’s position on the need to get the dispute resolved:

Parents Victoria claimed if the Victorian Government was endeavouring to reach its Towards Victoria as a Learning Community objectives and Good Governance was one of them, then the Victorian Government better walk the talk with their own governance practices and settle this industrial dispute and relieve anguish for all our schools.

Victorian teachers are fed up, Principals are frustrated and parents are furious as they hear their students school reports will be lacking in detail. Other rolling AEU bans have impacts on school services too, like stalling the Ultranet, 2013 School Camps and out of school hour events -  Parents Victoria emphasised the need for the Employer (the Government) to get their act together!

How parents feel about the ban on teacher comments in student reports:

Frustrated to hear student reporting has been compromised and even though the Government thinks parents will just vent at the teachers on this action, it is the employer who is responsible to make sure schools do fulfill their obligations.

What is the feedback you have received from parents:

Mainly from parents who sit on school councils.  Until the student reports are distributed, individual parents who are informed, are those who have heard media updates. It is reasonable for parents to ask to be kept informed on how these matters impact on them locally. When parent school council members ask for detailed school community updates, some schools are reluctant or apprehensive of how much to share with their communities.

Once again it's up to the Government, as this dispute has now gone beyond Peter Hall, Minister for Teaching & Martin Dixon, Minister for Education - it's our Premier and Treasury staff that are the decision makers on this one!

Parents Victoria provides the following two examples of school newsletter articles, alerting their communities to the lack of detail/comments on their students reports. We commend schools who have been keeping their communities informed.

Example 1. "School Reports.  Students will receive their end of year reports on Friday, December 14th, 2012.  Please be aware that reports will not contain as much detail as parents would normally expect.  Due to industrial negotiations between the Victorian government and the Australian Education Union (AEU) a ban on report writing is in place.  Parents will receive an assessment of their child's achievement against the Victorian Essential Learning Standards by a letter grade, a record of attendance and assessment of social and personal development.   Parents wishing to meet with their child's teacher to discuss any aspect of the report may do so by making an appointment with the teacher directly." Additional Note from President School Council read:  "Dear Parents/Guardians, I am writing to notify you that the end of year reports you receive for your child will not be provided with written comments due to AEU Industrial bans.  If you wish to show your support or for further information log onto AEU website".

Example 2. "Variations to 2012 Semester Two Reports.  When your child receives their report next Wednesday at 3.00pm, it will be less detailed than a semester report usually would be.  This term, teachers who are members of the Australian Education Union began a work ban on providing written comments and numerical assessments in student reports.  This ban arises out of the protracted industrial dispute between the union and the state government.  In the report, you will receive an indication of your child's achievement against the relevant curriculum standard, and teachers are available to meet should you wish to further discuss your child's progress.  Thank you for your understanding in relation to this matter."



Parents Victoria is the State affiliate organisation of ACSSO (Australian Council of State School Organisations). ACSSO Thankyou to volunteers

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, today provided the following comment for media:-
"End of year celebrations in our Victorian Government Schools should reflect and represent their local school community.

Good governance with effective communication with the current community members should decide on how those events are conducted,  Some schools bow to pressure by minority groups or assertive individuals, but others wont break christian tradition.

Australia is known and recognised around the world for its multi-cultural and multi-faith school communities working together in harmony so at this time of celebration in schools it's an opportunity to show others what we do so well.

In relation to CRE (or commonly referred to by families as SRI) in schools.  Our members via correspondence and at the 2012 Annual Conference debated and decided to further explore why and when SRI (special religious instruction) should/could be delivered in our Victorian Govt Schools.  We look forward to hearing from other stakeholders and families with enrolled students in govt schools, what they want in the future."

"TAUNTS about classroom fashion would be stamped out if uniforms were made compulsory in secondary schools, child welfare experts say."  Herald Sun March 11, 2011 Parents Victoria Immediate Past President, Elaine Crowle, quoted.

Parents Victoria's Elaine Crowle quoted in this article.  Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show seven teachers had their contracts terminated, as well as two education support workers.

Herald Sun   February 6, 2011

Parents dropping their children off at school excursions could have their cars searched for weapons under a Coalition bid to crack down on violence in schools.

The Age  February 9, 2011

A Melbourne high school wants to give students new shoes ..........

The Age    February 9, 2011

"Symbolism is important because it affects the way people think and act...That's why it was such a bad sign for Julia Gillard to announce her cabinet - initially, at least - without mention of the word ''education''..."

The Age, 22 September 2010 (article by Ross Gittins)

Shunning local public schools in favour of far away private ones makes no sense...

The Age, 19 September 2010


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