Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) President Peter Garrigan said parents voting at the federal election had relied on Prime Minister Tony Abbott's pledge that he was on a "unity ticket" with Labor on school funding.  Read  ACSSO Media Release re school funding 28 Nov 2013 .  Parents Victoria is the State affiliate of ACSSO.


Victoria has urged the Commonwealth to honour the deal it reached with Labor.  Education Minister Martin Dixon said his state had reached an agreement with the Commonwealth, not the ALP.

Minister Dixon told the Victorian State Parliament on Tuesday, that he would stand up for education and for funding that was "rightfully ours".  Minister Dixon said his government had signed a "great agreement" on school funding with the then Labor government in August.

"We look forward to the Commonwealth actually fulfilling its commitment", he said.  "We signed the agreement with the federal government, not a political party."

A Victorian government spokeswoman had insisted on Monday that a $12.2 billion deal had been reached guaranteeing "record levels of funding and an unprecedented six years of funding certainty" for schools in Victoria.

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