The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence was on 15 March. There was a terrific response from Victorian schools to the Day of Action this year – over 1,000 Victorian schools, and nearly 500,000 students, signed up to participate in the day. The Education Department launched a new video it has developed in collaboration with VAEAI and the Melbourne Football Club. The video addresses racist bullying, particularly directed towards Koorie students, and promotes upstander behaviour. It shares practical and safe strategies that students can take if they see or hear racist bullying – with the message of support ‘I have your back’.

Poster competition

The Department is also running a student poster competition, with ISV and CEO,  to continue promoting the theme of upstander. As well as some generous prizes, the winning posters will be printed and sent to all schools.

More resources

See our Anti-bullying resources page for more information from the Education Department and other sources.