Formation of a club and development of a Constitution

The rules for formation of a Parent Club are outlined in the Education Department's Policy and Advisory Library

There are a number of steps, including:

  • A written request to the principal
  • Formation of an interim committee
  • Drafting a Constitution based on the Department's Model Constitution
  • Approval from the Education Minister

Please note that a new Model Constitution was published in Term 2, 2019, which supersedes the previous Constitution.

More information

All Parent Clubs must ensure they have a Ministerially approved constitution, which is consistent with the current Education Regulations .

If you're not sure whether your Club has an approved constitution, contact the Department's Community Stakeholders Unit or the Parents Victoria office.

If your club does not have an approved constitution, you need to start working on it now!

This is a summary of some of the elements found in the Model Parents Club Constitution provided by the Education Department.


A Parent Club has no formally prescribed powers or duties. In determining its objectives, interim committee members should note that such objectives cannot be inconsistent with the powers accorded to and duties of a school council. Within this context, a parents’ club complements the role of the school council and its subcommittee arrangements.


All parents and guardians of students at the school are eligible to become members of the parents’ club.

The secretary shall maintain a register of the names and addresses of members.

No member of the club will receive any payment for his/her services as a member or as an office bearer.

There are a number of changes to the new Model Constitution introduced in 2019, which aim to support the improved operations of Parent Clubs. These include:

  • A change in the method of membership of the Parent Club. The previous Constitution required parents to become Financial Members of the Club. Financial Membership has now been changed to ‘Registered Membership’. The Registration Form is at Schedule 1 of the Constitution
  • An additional section addressing Parent Club values. These are in line with the Department’s values
  • The requirement for a quorum is now prescribed as ‘a minimum of 3 members’
  • Clubs are encouraged to devise their own standing orders, dispute resolution process or code of conduct 
  • A requirement for Clubs to comply with Victorian privacy law and the Schools’ Privacy Policy
  • The stipulation that Parent Clubs are not permitted to incorporate.


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