The COVID-19 situation is changing day by day, so we're keeping our parent survey form open... if you have something to say about the way COVID-19 is impacting your children's education, and how that impact flows on to you and your family... we're still listening! 

We often have opportunities to advise government departments and other agencies on how the management of COVID-19 is affecting children and parents in the school system, so give us your views and we'll pass them on. 

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What is going well? What are the big problems for you? What could be done better? 

We're keeping the format wide open - no questions, just tell your story. 


The Victorian Parents Council and Monash University are participating in an international survey based at the Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre (MBMC) in Canada. The researchers want to understand people’s awareness, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours about COVID-19.

More info/take the survey on the University of Quebec website


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