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YarraMe School is offering free online courses on autism and ADHD for parents.

Autism for Parents

The course is aimed at parents and carers of children with autism. However, the content (including lots of videos of parents talking about the issues that concern them most), provides fantastic insight for anyone who supports a child with autism. 


ADHD for Parents

This short course, aimed at parents and educators looks at the definitions and charecteristics of ADHD, causal and contributing factors, its impact in the classroom, assessment tasks and adjustments.

See the YarraMe website for more information or to start a course.

This course is for teachers, but could also be useful for parents to know about.
Congratulations to Yarra Me School for putting this course together.

Would you like practical strategies for responding to students with complex behaviours?
Understanding Attachment and Trauma is an online learning course that enables teachers to undertake professional learning focussing on the understanding, assessment and classroom support of students with disrupted attachment and trauma.
The course is held over approximately ten weeks, providing access to all learning materials online and is designed as ‘blended learning’ with short three face-to-face sessions being run via WebEx.
The course has four main elements:

  • Understanding
  • Assessment for learning;
  • Strategies; and
  • Case studies.


This is a summary of a workshop held as part of the PV/DET Parent Forum in August 2019. 

Speaker - Leela Darvall, Manager, Careers and Pathways Unit

Discussion Summary

The workplace landscape is changing and parents feel schools need to educate students at a much earlier age on career pathways. Improving job readiness and building confidence resonated with parents as important areas that require greater focus in the classroom.


This is a summary of a workshop held as part of the PV/DET Parent Forum in August 2019. 

Speaker: Claire Tobin, Principal Health Advisor, Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division

Workshop summary

Family hardship is a sensitive matter and the overarching theme of discussion was geared towards improving school processes that ensure schools preserve the dignity and privacy of families whilst ensuring they receive the support they need. Parents were also receptive to schools that have taken on a proactive approach in providing assistance and information to families. For example, families are provided a information booklet that lists school initiatives promoting co-located services and partnerships geared towards reducing the cost of schooling.

Parents Victoria is a signatory to a letter supporting fairer funding for our schools and is one of the 23 organisations and more than 6,000 individuals who responded by joining the AEU in sending a clear message to the State and Territory Education Ministers and the Federal Education Minister to stand up for “FairFundingNow” for public schools.


On 13 April, the day of the COAG Education Council, the letter was delivered to all State and Territory Ministers and Minister Birmingham.  Prior to the meeting in Adelaide, there was a media conference where a giant print out of the letter and individual names of the 6000 signers was delivered to ALP State and Territory Education Ministers to take into the meeting. This action was widely reported in the media.


  Read a copy of the letter.

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