Parents invest much into education and one of the critical characteristics of the investment is trust.

Trust is being challenged within the community at present with Royal Commissions, National and State, reviewing behaviours that have undermined community and individual trust. Trust seems to be constantly challenged within education.
Life is lived relationally and it is critical that all recognise that they have a Relational Quotient (RQ). The capacity to form and sustain relationships basically determines each person’s Relational Quotient. This is critical to both the individual’s physical and mental health and the health of the relationships in which they live.

This series of articles will mine deeply this essential Relational Galaxy in which all reside and begins with a brief description of the critical elements of a quality relationship. This set of elements is fundamental to each and every relationship we form and “reside in”. Subsequent articles will investigate how to form relationships, how to nurture relationships, how to manage the inevitable mistakes made in relationships, how to change the nature of relationships and how to conclude relationships AND how relationships determine the capacity to engage and learn.

In life we are defined by the way we behave in relationships for we are social beings. We will also explore the most essential relationship, that with ourselves. This is part of this Relationship Based Education Project.

Schools are social enterprises and all those stakeholders engaged: children, parents, teachers, administrators and the many other essential people (financial managers, assistants, lollipop people, gardeners, cleaners, security, canteen people etc.) relate to one another. The cooperative nature of this relating determines the health and wellbeing of the Culture of Care that constructs a Resilient Culture. It establishes trust.

All stakeholders contribute to the Culture of Care, the Resilient Culture, where Trust is paramount and underpins best performance by each.”

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The first article in this series by John Hendry OAM is titled The way forward. The series of articles will be published in Parents Voice and on this website in 2019.


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