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The Annual Victorian Student Representative Council Congress was attended by 90 delegates from independent, government and catholic schools at the weekend. The Age August 6, 2012

School speed sign

School Speed Limits

"School day" speed limits were introduced across the State starting in October 2003. These speed limits are clearly signposted. So watch out for the speed limit signs near schools, slow down and obey the school rules.

School speed limits apply outside every school in Victoria to increase safety for our most vulnerable road users - children.


Sport as a reflection of culture

Sport has been, and remains, a strong and significant part of the total School curriculum for most schools. It is important for students physically, mentally and socially. Sport in the School curriculum provides one opportunity for the culture of a School to be accessible for all to see, to be reinforced by deed.

Culture can be written, it can be spoken, but ultimately it is how we behave, it is our actions. Most importantly it is our actions to ourselves, to our team, to our opponents. In sport behaviour is evident, there is no hiding, it is seen in an individual’s actions, in a team’s behaviour. This is why compulsory Sport for all is an important part of any student’s education.

Sport is not about being the best, although, as in all walks of life this is what we strive for. It is about doing your best, it is about being the best that you can be, wherever that puts you on a spectrum of achievement.

Anti-bullying resources:


"If you live with a resentful, angry, or emotionally abusive partner, you probably have a vague feeling, at least now and then, that you’ve lost yourself. In your constant efforts to tiptoe around someone else’s moods, in the hope of avoiding blow-ups, put-downs, criticism, sighs of disapproval, or cold shoulders, you constantly edit what you say and do."

In this article from Psychology Today, Dr Steven Stosny writes about the impact on children of growing up in a family where emotional abuse is prevalent. 

Dr Stosny also has a message of hope for such families.

Read the article on the Psychology Today website


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