In this section of the website we have gathered lots of resources to help teachers and school leaders make effective family engagement a reality:

Scroll down for some introductory documents you can download, and a great series of short videos by Dr Debbie Pushor from the University of Saskatchewan. 

Lets Work Together low res

This resource was launched jointly by Parents Victoria and the Australian Principals Federation in 2016.

"An engaged school community is the best marketing tool any school can have."


The resource contains ideas that have worked successfully in many different school communities and have sown the seeds for friendships and positive relationships.

The APF and PV have contributed to this material and welcome further ideas at any time, so that this becomes a repository for best practice into the future.


Thank you to Eileen Berry ( and cyberhound for their expertise and support for this resource.

We welcome feedback and look forward to future projects with the APF going forward.


Download Let's Work Together

This podcast from the Raising Children website focuses on "being active in your school community". The guest is PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy. Gail talks through the issues with host Prof. Julie Green: the benefits of strong family engagement in their children's education, good communication between schools and their communities, different ways families can engage with schools, and 'top tips and take-aways' for parents and carers. 



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There are a lot of pieces that make up our school system...but there’s one piece missing.

The Parent-School relationship.

Your Government can put it in place.

Following up our 2018 Conference and Dr Debbie Pushor's visit to Australia, Parents Victoria produced this document to provide to the Victorian Government, Opposition and Department of Education.
  • familiy engagement flyer 200Why family engagement?
  • How ?
  • What does it look like?

This flyer was produced in association with Dr Debbie Pushor's presentation at our 2018 Conference. 

Download flyer








debbie p 200Parents Victoria has had a long association with Canadian academic Dr Debbie Pushor. 

Debbie has worked as a public school teacher, consultant, principal, senior administrator, and now as a researcher and teacher educator.
She is currently a Professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Debbie has also experienced the education system from a parent's point of view, being the mother of 3 adult sons. Debbie visited Australia in 2018 and spoke at our Annual Conference (see below).

Debbie's website

You can learn more about Debbie Pushor's work on her website


These videos were made when Debbie visited Australia in 2018 (and spoke at the Parents Victoria Conference). They're a great introduction to the 'why' and 'how' of successful family engagement in schools, Debbie has a great talent for taking her decades of academic study on the topic and turning it into brief, clear and heartfelt presentations. Each video is only a few minutes long.

Introducing Dr Debbie Pushor and Family Engagement


Family engagement is so important!


Key priorities to accomplish successful family engagement


Tapping into funds of knowledge – working together


For School Leaders – the benefits and why it matters


Family Engagement Officers in schools 


Engaging families in all aspects of schooling cultivates greater student engagement, brings improved academic results, better social outcomes, and helps every young person to reach their full potential.  The Victorian Department of Education has recognised the need to engage all of our public school families and Parents Victoria is pleased to help facilitate this partnership.  We encourage you to share these resources with your colleagues and put some of the great ideas into action at your school or work with others in your network.


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