In this podcast published by the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, Dr Debbie Pushor from the University of Saskatchewan talks with Angela Scaffidi about the barriers to genuine engagement between schools and parents, and the immense educational value of recognising and valuing parents' knowledge.

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Knowing their families and their cultural beliefs around education will assist schools to engage those families in a more culturally responsive way and give all families a sense of belonging. Situate cultural strengths of family and community within the school curriculum, once identified.

Centre for Multicultural Youth resource

This CMY resource, Opening the School Gate: Engaging migrant and refugee families, is a good practice guide that provides teachers and school staff with a range of strategies to encourage parents and families from migrant and refugee backgrounds to fully participate in the educational experience of their children.

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Foundation House resources

The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc authored a desktop guide to support schools to enhance their capacity to engage with parents from refugee backgrounds (2015).

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Effective communication is the key; two-way exchanges with families as genuine partners. In communicating effectively with families it is equally important to empower and encourage families to communicate effectively with schools.


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