Dr Debbie Pushor (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) talks about the great value that teachers can get from tapping into parents' knowledge.


This is a summary of a workshop held as part of the PV/DET Parent Forum in August 2019. The workshop covered many issues related to mental health, including the vital role of parent/school partnerships in addresssing mental health issues.

Speaker - Todd MacBeth, Director, Inclusive Education Professional Practice

Discussion summary

Parents requested a more collaborative approach from Student Support Services. Parents currently feel the methodology is too prescribed and directive. The discussion circled back to strengthening the parent/teacher relationship and having parents as partners in the school environment. Encouraging a strengths-based approach for students with special needs was a common theme.


This is a summary of a workshop held as part of the PV/DET Parent Forum in August 2019.

The workshop focused on the importance of parent/school partnerships in developing children's literacy and numeracy.

Speaker - Sharyn Donald, Assistant Deputy Secretary, School Education Programs & Support

Discussion summary

Parents require support on how best to engage with the school and more specifically, teachers. The idea of building more effective partnerships between parents and schools was a key component of the discussions.


In 2017 Parents Victoria and DET facilitated “Community Conversation” sessions at several government schools in Victoria. These sessions were attended by family members of the host school and surrounding schools.

Key themes that emerged were:


This article from The Conversation looks at the evidence for value of Family Engagement and gives some practical case-studies to show how it works. 

Read the article



After hearing Debbie Pushor's presentation at the Statewide Principals Conference in June 2019, one school Principal was inspired to do something to recognise the learning children do outside of school hours. Brett Millott, principal at Daylesford Primary School, told his school community about the presentation in an article in the school newsletter:


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