Dr Debbie Pushor on why family engagement needs to be co-ordinated and systematic, rather than random and disconnected. 

A systematic approach

  Debbie's presentation at the PV Conference, 2018

One strategy for increasing family engagement that has worked in many schools is to employ a dedicated Family Engagement Officer. On this page we give some examples of how this works, including a detailed research project from Glenroy College. 

Families appreciate being valued and acknowledged and this builds pride and confidence in our students and our schools. It’s important to celebrate the success of everyone’s efforts.commitmints














This series of videos was made specifically for teacher educators. 

Dr Debbie Pushor from the University of Seskatchewan speaks to teacher educators at Monash University, drawing on her decades of experience as a teacher, consultant, principal, senior administrator, researcher, teacher educator and parent.

Part 1

Examining teachers' assumptions about parents and schooling, and how those assumptions flow through into the way schools manage their relationships with parents. Questoning a hierarchical view of the teacher/parent relationship. 

Part 2

New possibilities for positioning the parent/teacher relationship. Making a conscious effort to create a 'curriculum of parents'.

Part 3

A sustained approach to authentic and meaningful relationships with parents.  "A one-shot in-service isn't going to do it." Both theory and practical experience are required. 


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