Engaging families in all aspects of schooling cultivates greater student engagement, brings improved academic results, better social outcomes, and helps every young person to reach their full potential.  The Victorian Department of Education has recognised the need to engage all of our public school families and Parents Victoria is pleased to help facilitate this partnership.  We encourage you to share these resources with your colleagues and put some of the great ideas into action at your school or work with others in your network.

Source: Family School Partnership Bureau, Australia (2015)


Karen Mapp, Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education 

Source: Harvard Education, USA (2014)

Dr Debbie Pushor (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) sums up 50 years of research that demonstrates the importance of engaging families in their children's education.

See Debbie's other videos on our Family Engagement home page

Dr Debbie Pushor (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) speaks to school leaders about why family engagement can make their schools better for everyone. 

See Debbie's other videos on our Family Engagement home page

Parent Engagement is much more than helping out with the school excursion or sausage-sizzle.

Dr Debbie Pushor from the University of Saskatchewan gives a wide-ranging talk on Parent Engagement.

She focuses on the research that clearly shows the value of giving parents an authentic and meaningful place and voice in their children's education. 


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