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The Parents Victoria office will be closed over the Christmas/January school holiday period.

Last day for 2019: Friday 20 December

First day for 2020: Tuesday 28 January

The PV Team wishes families, friends and colleagues all the best for the holiday break and for the New Year.



The issue of sleep deprivation among young people is in the news again. One solution that has been advanced is for secondary schools to start later, to better match the 'body clocks' of teenagers. This issue is covered in today's article in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. PV's Executive Office Gail McHardy is quoted in the article. Gail said any change to school starting times would be a big ask. "Any change in school hours would have a huge domino effect on teachers' hours, traffic and employment, and would need to worked out among schools, families and government," she said.

The article also quotes adolescent-health researchers and Australian Principals Federation president Julie Podbury.

Read the full article online.


The Herald-Sun reports today that schools are gearing up for the statewide ban on mobile phones, due to be implemented next year. PV has voiced concerns about the ban, and our Executive Officer Gail McHardy is quoted in this article.

The government has allocated a $12.4 million budget for the implementation of the ban, and many schools have accessed a share of that funding to upgrade or buy lockers to store students’ phones. Some schools have already implemented the ban and others are developing their own policies for 2020.


The Herald-Sun published an article today headed "Helicopter parents told to stop interfering in class allocations for 2020".

The article by Claire Heaney begins,"Helicopter parents throwing tantrums over their kids not being put in the same class as their friends or demanding they be taught by a certain teacher are being told to buzz off by fed-up schools."


Our Annual Conference on 18-19 NOvember was a busy, informative, invigorating and intriguing two days.

We heard from clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller, experienced educator John Hendry, Education Minister James Merlino, multicultural consultant Monique Toohey and many other speakers. 

We elected a new PV Executive at our AGM.

And we heard lots of questions, comments and ideas from the people who attended. 

Scroll down for speaker presentations and more details.


 Conference overview and responses from delegates

Panel discussion

The Way Forward: How to kindly and constructively deal with difference and conflict in schools. A panel of educators and students discusses scenarios of difference and conflict. This video covers Scenario 1.

The Way Forward: Scenario 2



See more photos on our Facebook page Opens in new tab.

Speaker presentations


Andrew Fuller

Clinical Psychologist & Consultant

Identifying and building learning strengths

 We can't bring you Andrew's presentation slides but you can download a short summary of Andrew's "Implementing Learning Strengths" approach, including a link to Andrew's online Learning Strengths Analysis and information on other services Andrew offers.


  Download Implementing Learning Strengths in Schools Opens in new tab


Sue Karzis

CEO, State Schools' Relief

Removing Barriers to Improve Wellbeing


  Download presentation Opens in new tab


John Hendry

Educator and consultant

Relationship-based Education


John didn't use a presentation but you can read a series of his articles in our Relationship-based Education section.


Jac Van Velsen

CEO, WISA (Wellbeing in Schools Australia)

How to Effectively Address Bullying and Sleep Deprivation due to After-hours Device Use


Download presentation Opens in new tab



Monique Toohey

Managing Director, Nasihah Consulting Group

Doing Diversity in Schools


Download presentation Opens in new tab

(Click the Click for speaker notes icon at top left of each slide to see speaker notes)

Conference notes

Our hard-working staff took notes all the way through the conference. These are brief notes from the audience, not a complete reproduction of each speaker's presentation.

  Download the Conference notes.

Joan Kirner Award

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Joan Kirner Parent Participation Award, which was given at our Conference. The award was won by Sue and Paul Brophy from Croydon Hills Primary School. Sue and Paul have devoted countless hours to the many tasks and activities that support a busy primary school, from helping in the classroom to supporting camps, excursion and sporting events, to serving as members and office-bearers on both School Council and Parent groups.
The runner-up was Matt Wallace P&F President at Kyneton Primary School. Under Matt’s dedicated leadership the P&F have not only raised much needed funds for the school but have also raised the profile of the P&F within the school and continues to see increased engagement and participation from the school community. Photo: Sue Brophy (right) and Matt Wallace (left).


"Thanks so much for a terrific conference. I was pretty blown away by the quality of the presenters and discussion and the commitment of the group. Great food and venue as well!"
Chrissie McMahon,Virtual Schools Victoria



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