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Full details of our 2019 Conference are now available.

Download the conference brochure  Opens in new tab

This year’s conference is not to be missed, as we tackle the ever-growing mental health issues surrounding our children, our students, and ourselves. Specialists in the field of mental health will share their learnings and insights, and help you better understand how you can help others.

Register 2 free delegates for member clubs

As always, we have kept prices as low as possible, to help facilitate your school sending a delegation of parents, teachers and leaders. In fact, this year every Parents Victoria member school can send their first two delegates free to both conference and dinner! And subsequent delegates are at a greatly reduced rate, so organise your group now! Register using the form included in the conference brochure  Opens in new tab.

Just a few of the Conference presenters:

andrew fuller 175Andrew Fuller (Keynote Speaker)

Andrew is well known in the world of child and adolescent psychology. He will present and lead discussion sessions on Identifying and Building Learning Strengths, and From Surviving to Thriving: Promoting
Mental Health in Young People. Andrew will also be part of a panel discussion, examining real-life problem scenarios from school settings.




sue karzis 175Sue Karzis

Sue Karzis is the first female CEO of State Schools Relief, the Victorian charity which supports the needs of underprivileged students by providing them with new school uniforms, footwear and educational resources during times of vulnerability. Sue will speak on Removing Barriers to Improve Wellbeing. One of the most significant barriers faced by children and young people at school is the emphasis on “fitting in” at all costs. More than we may notice, kids are faced with constant messages from peer groups, families, the media and organizations that they must “fit in” in order to belong.

John HendryJohn Hendry OAM

John Hendry has been an educator for more than 50 years. He is one of the originators of Positive Education, a Life member of the Careers Development Association of Australia, a consultant to Primary and Secondary Schools across all systems in Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and a consultant to UNESCO on bullying and school violence. John consults and works with the Positive Institute, The Flow Centre, Resilient Youth, Invictus Well-Being and many local councils and professional associations. He has created a Relationship Quotient and established Relationship based Education (RbE), has co-created (with Andrew Fuller) the Resilient Mindset concept, and has created the Affect Performance Model which explains among many things, peak performance.


monique toohey 175Monique Toohey

Monique Toohey is the Managing Director and Principal Psychologist of Nasihah Consulting Group – Northern Psychology Clinic. She has a 23-year professional background in child and family psychology and has worked as a school psychologist and managed countless types of psycho-education programs and community projects for adolescents, parents and adults from culturally diverse backgrounds. She has been a Lecturer in the Master of Clinical Counselling course at the Australian Catholic University in Multicultural Counselling for the past 6 years and has been a speaker at high profile events such as the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, the Tasmanian Annual Peace Trust and TEDx Docklands. Monique will speak about Doing Diversity in Schools: Using Culturally Inclusive Practices to Enhance Belonging.

Why come to Conference?

The benefits of having all groups at your school represented is that you’re hearing the same information, and can all appreciate how that could work best to improve educational and wellbeing outcomes at your school – for everyone. Feedback from recent years is that parents and principals have returned to their schools inspired by conference, and set about putting into action what they learnt, and that has greatly benefited their schools overall.

More details

Download the conference brochure  Opens in new tab



The Department of Education and Training is excited to announce that the 2019 finalists for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards (VEEA) have been released by the Acting Minister for Education Gayle Tierney.

The finalists include a primary school teacher passionate about raising literacy standards, a school supporting and promoting Koorie culture and a principal who has advocated for strong student voice and leadership




The Victorian Teaching Profession’s Code of Conduct is currently being reviewed. The Code was developed and implemented by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) 10 years ago. As part of its review, VIT is inviting public comment. 

The Code plays an important role in establishing a set of principles which describe the professional conduct, personal conduct and professional competence expected of all Victorian teachers by their colleagues and the community.


The School Governance Network is hosting five workshops for members of school councils and school communities. The workshops are free to attend.

All members of school councils and school communities are most welcome to attend any of the workshops.

Each workshop will be two hours in length and provide a great opportunity to share ideas, insights and good practice about school governance and partnerships.

The workshops are supported by the Department of Education and Training.

For more details, download the workshop flyer.


The Education Department's announcement of a ban on mobile phones in schools from 2020 has sparked some controversy

What's your view on mobiles in schools? Take our quick poll. 

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