The Victorian Teaching Profession’s Code of Conduct is currently being reviewed. The Code was developed and implemented by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) 10 years ago. As part of its review, VIT is inviting public comment. 

The Code plays an important role in establishing a set of principles which describe the professional conduct, personal conduct and professional competence expected of all Victorian teachers by their colleagues and the community.

As part of the broader consultation process, VIT is seeking submissions from key education stakeholders and the wider community on the issues put forward in this discussion paper. The discussion paper includes a summary of the feedback from the Professional Boundaries workshop on the Principles of the Code as they currently stand, with prompting questions and dilemmas.

Written submissions responding to the issues, questions and dilemmas set out in this paper are invited until Friday 20 December 2019.

You are welcome to address all questions or only those of particular relevance or interest.

After reading the Discussion Paper, you can provide feedback on the Code of Conduct via an online survey form or by completing and emailing a PDF form.