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The Herald-Sun published an article today headed "Helicopter parents told to stop interfering in class allocations for 2020".

The article by Claire Heaney begins,"Helicopter parents throwing tantrums over their kids not being put in the same class as their friends or demanding they be taught by a certain teacher are being told to buzz off by fed-up schools."

The article details claims by teachers of parents making unreasonable demands, including:

  • Making demands about what kids they don’t want to be in their child’s class.
  • Ignoring advice that their child does not work well with particular students and would be better separated.
  • Asking for teachers based on age, some viewing a graduate as either inexperienced or a breath of fresh air.
  • Not wanting their child to be in a class with special needs or “difficult” children.

Parents Victoria Executive Officer Gail McHardy is quoted in the article. Gail said that while there were policies around class placement, unless there were valid reasons for children to be in certain classes it should be up to the schools where they go.

Gail continued:

“Observations play a big part in class make up from the information school management will receive, we as parents should respect that professional judgment.
If problems then arise post placement then parents/carers need to feel welcome to contact the relevant school staff member for that purpose to discuss and resolve in a respectful and timely manner.”

She said Transition Learning and Development Statements, in which information about a child was passed on from kindergarten to school to ensure that the school was briefed about the child, were vital.

(Unfortunately we can't link to the original article as it's behind a paywall. If you're a Herald-Sun online subscriber you can read the full article, dated 28 Nov 2019.)



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