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The Education Department now has a "Learning from home" web page with advice, tips and resources to help parents and carers support their child’s continuity of learning from home.

The page includes:

  • How to support your child
  • Student responsibilities during remote learning
  • Setting up a learning environment
  • Establishing routines and expectations
  • Communicating with your child
  • Advice for parents of children with additional needs
  • Literacy and numeracy resources and tips
  • Managing screen time and online safety

"Learning from home" web page

Update 26 March:

FUSE website

FUSE has been set up to support school and early childhood leaders, teachers, students, children and parents to access digital resources that can be used to support learning at home.
Resources include sets of self-directed learning activities that can be provided to students in the form of a Word document or as a printed workbook, and activities parents can do with younger children.

Go to FUSE "Learning from home" page.



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