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Parents Voice is an easy-to-read rundown of all the latest education news, from Parents Victoria's activities to the latest from the Education Department and lots of other groups that are active in education.


Be You aims to transorm Australia's approach to supporting children's and your people's mental health in early learning services and schools, from early years to 18.


BEFORE YOU VOTE for Dan, Matt or Samantha, vote for policies supporting our public schools


Parents Victoria has published three flyers, including a list of educational priorities, for the Victorian State Election:

Click on the images below to download the election  flyers.

Before You Vote

 The Next Victorian
Government Needs To:

 Education Means Votes



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There are a lot of pieces that make up our school system...but there’s one piece missing.

The Parent-School relationship.

Your Government can put it in place.

Following up our Conference and Dr Debbie Pushor's visit to Australia, Parents Victoria produced this document to provide to the Victorian Government, Opposition and Department of Education.

  Download "The Parent-School relationship "



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